Hublet to form a part of Jönköping’s regional library strategy

15 Mar, 2017

Jönköping regional library’s role is to support and help forward the development and collaboration of the libraries in the region. The ultimate objective is that everyone in the region would have an equal access to literature, knowledge and library services.

The library is more than just books on shelves. Digital materials are a part of the offering but it cannot be seen. The digital content must be made visible in the physical library space. During many years, we have offered our visitors licenses to the PressReader portal which I used for reading digital newspapers and magazines, but we haven’t had a tool to make it truly visible and accessible for them. In April 2015 at the SETT fair in Stockholm, we stumbled upon a solution that seemed simple and would potentially solve our problem. That solution was Hublet. That same year we contacted Hublet with an inquiry on how they could help us.

Focus on digital reading

This year we kicked off our collaboration with Hublet with the objective to promote the digital offering of the libraries, stimulate the development of methods in our efforts to promote reading with digital technology, increase the general digital competence and strive to narrow the digital gap between municipalities. In short, Hublet is Jönköping region’s common development project that aims to promote digital reading and guarantee equal access to digital services for all citizens.

During 2017 we will be testing Hublet in the central libraries of Nässjö, Värnamo, Gislaved, Gnosjö, Vaggeryd and Jönköping. Our idea is to add other libraries to the project as well: some of our region’s municipalities are eagerly waiting for their chance to participate and get a Hublet of their own.

The library staff has received Hublet very positively and they see a lot of opportunities to utilize Hublet and its user profiles for different use cases inside the library. The management of Hublet tablets is considered very simple and easy to handle.

The Hublet project is particularly well suited to answer many of the challenges the libraries are facing when trying to fulfil all the objectives given to them in our regional library plan and Jönköping’s common reading promotion strategy, both based in our vision: Jönköping region – a reader’s region.

Hublet will serve as a tool for promoting reading via digital media and content platforms. In addition, it provides an easy way to offer different digital activities in libraries and generate conversation about digital reading in the library space.