Hublet Tablets to increase the number of young visitors in Gnesta Library

One of the countries that successfully adopted Hublet Solution is Sweden. Library located in Gnesta, a city that served as a shooting location for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movie, expanded its already wide offering and improved its customer satisfaction with Hublet. Gnesta is a beautiful quiet city with about 5500 people. It offers a wide range of culture, leisure activities, sights and beautiful nature. Sophie Winberg, Gnesta Library manager, told us the reasons behind their choice of Hublet and their current experience with Hublet Tablets.

What were the benefits of Hublet that you considered?
’’Gnesta wanted to have a complement to our computers and we looked for a portable device, which would be easier for everyone to use. Our goal was to make sure everyone can use a device in their favourite spot in the library. We used to have iPads but they didn’t comply with our requirements because we needed a device with booking and security service. Possible features and benefits were the main drives behind our choice of Hublet. The possibility to customize content on Hublet Tablet is a big plus. This makes it easier to follow our library guidelines and to promote our digital library services (e.g. PressReader, Ebooks etc.). Another advantage is the ability to loan tablet for a certain timeframe”, -Winberg says.

What are Hublet Tablets used for?
According to Sophie, they use Hublets throughout their digital library services. “In our data cafes Hublet Tablets help in getting used to working with tablets and websites. We also use Hublet in language cafes so that students can easily use language applications. Teenagers often borrow Hublet to do homework or play online games. We’ve also had the Swedish Radio here for interviews on how boys have started to use our library more thanks to Hublet.”

Right now, Gnesta offers Hublets only to library visitors. Users enjoy engaging with Hublet in privacy or in groups. The use of digital content since the adoption of Hublet Solution has rapidly gone up. Sophie added that their employees were happy to take Hublet on board. She confirmed that Hublet Tablets are very easy to use and can be loaned and returned without any difficulties.

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