Hublet Solution inspiring curiosity in science centers

16 Apr, 2020

Hublet is a self-service solution which enables easy and equal access to digital content for everyone from different kinds of ages and backgrounds. It is a perfect tool to be used in public places such as science centres, museums, etc. Hublet is proud to assist Heureka Science Centre to enhance their visitors’ experience during their trips of exploring wonderful science events.

Heureka, the Finnish science centre, fosters creativity for people of all ages. Visitors can experience the joy of discovery through spectacular exhibitions, planetarium films, educational events, all of it now enhanced with Hublet usage. Founded in 1989, Heureka is one of Finland’s most visited places. The science centre attracts over 300 000 people a year. After the launch of Hublet in Heureka, the demand for them has been growing even more. Heidi Venho, Pedagogical Coordinator, and Anna Huusari, Science Camp Inspirer, told us their observations.

“We chose Hublet because it allows us to create different profiles, which is very important for us, since we have many different users. We have visitors from businesses, science camps, school groups and different events where we can use Hublet Tablets. For each one we create a different user profile, which provides content based on that event or school group, or whichever desired segment”,Venho says.

“Hublet provides their own Hublet Smart Docking Stations, where the Hublet Tablets can be easily returned and charged due to the built-in charger, which also eliminates the trouble of finding a suitable place for keeping and charging the devices. Another big influence for Heureka was that Hublet team has taken care of all the applications and software updates, which happen automatically.”

Huusari recommends Hublet for every science center. In Heureka children and science campers have received the Hublets very naturally. They are already familiar with the IT from before and, therefore, it’s also easy to use at the camp. “I think Hublet’s best feature is multi functionality. It can be used for many different programs without being difficult for the children”, – she adds.

Hublet is generally very well accepted by younger generations and is always found as a handy device for completing different tasks, from entertainment to studying. Customized content available on Hublet Tablets can support and expand services offered by science centers in a modern way. The content can be adjusted to suit people of different ages, which is very convenient for institutions having diverse customer groups.

Wide range of services are available through Hublet Solution:

  • Accessing exhibition’s materials.
  • Getting extra information of the collection which are not displayed physically.
  • Science centre/ Museum audio and video tours.
  • Interaction applications with exhibition’s events.
  • Exhibition events’ schedule.
  • Collecting feedback survey.

Beside above services, Hublet solution allows both organisations and end-users to work on their digital projects smoothly with other applications.

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