Hublet selected into Business Finland’s funding program

Business Finland has selected Hublet into their Young Innovative Company (YIC) funding program. With the Young Innovative Company funding, Business Finland intends to accelerate the global growth of the most ambitious, rapidly growing startups in Finland that have already shown evidence of selling their products and services. According to Business Finland’s requirements, Hublet has also invested in research and development during the whole time of its operations.

“We are growing very fast both on domestic and global markets. Being accepted into the Young Innovative Company program motivates and challenges us to continue conquering the global library market”, says Tuomas Hirvonen, CEO of Hublet.

Finpro, a provider of internationalization advisory services and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation have merged into a new operator Business Finland in January 2018.

Read more about the Young Innovative Company funding.

More information:

Tuomas Hirvonen, CEO
Tel. +358 50 368 6866