Hublet teams up with Nedap to enhance digital inclusion in libraries in France

From September 2023, Hublet is glad to announce its strategic collaboration with Nedap France, a renowned expert in cloud-based RFID solutions. Nedap France‘s expertise in cloud-based RFID technology perfectly complements Hublet’s commitment to enhance digital inclusion in libraries with self-service tablet solutions.

“We at Hublet are very much looking forward to working together closely with Nedap. It is our goal for this mutually beneficial partnership to expand Hublet’s self-service tablets to even more libraries within France.”, says Spiekermann, International Sales Manager – Central Europe of Hublet. “Nedap’s expertise and strong industry standing in the library industry will be utilised to continue to provide an enriching and seamless experience for our customers.”

“Nedap France is very excited about this new partnership with Hublet. This collaboration represents an important step in our commitment to French libraries to simplify access to digital content. The Hublet Solution is a revolutionary solution that meets the growing needs of libraries, universities and colleges for digital inclusion,” says Thomas Pinna, Director of the Nedap France Library Business Unit, “We look forward to working closely with Hublet to develop innovative projects and deliver an exceptional digital experience to our customers. Together, we are ready to open up new perspectives for access to digital knowledge and culture.” 

This partnership will provide people with easy access to digital resources and library services while optimising library staff workflows. Hublet and Nedap France are excited to work together to equip the future of libraries in France with advanced technology.

Read this collaboration in French, click here: Nedap simplifie le libre accès au contenu numérique en bibliothèque avec sa nouvelle tablette Hublet (

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About Nedap France

With 15 years of experience gained in French libraries, Nedap France constantly works to improve user and staff comfort, while respecting aesthetics and offering a modern vision of services.

RFID in libraries automates lending and return operations, simplifies inventory management, streamlines document retrieval, and safeguards against theft. This allows staff to dedicate more time to assisting users and engaging in mediation. For more information, visit