Improving employees’ efficiency with Hublet in hospital segment

20 Apr, 2020

The South Savo Social and Health Care Authority (Essote) decided to go with Hublet Solution after exploring a few different options. Essote provides services in seven municipalities in Finland. It focuses on developing the well-being of citizens and is taking care of thousands of people in South Savo area.

The goal of Essote was to automate borrowing of entertainment equipment to customers so it wouldn’t burden the staff. This would allow customers to use the tablets’ entertainment opportunities and lend them whenever they want.

The objectives for the pilot period were very carefully set:

  • Allow users to borrow entertainment equipment in an automated way without adding work burden to personnel
  • Add value to users’ stay while in Essote’s care
  • Increase social engagement to improve rehabilitation process
  • Automate rehabilitation process
  • Replace TV, with much wider entertainment system

Teppo Marttila, ICT manager for Essote’s technical data management services, shared his opinion about the use of Hublet.

The goal of the pilot period was to bring a low-threshold tablet solution that the customers can borrow with the help of the patient wristband. During the pilot period Hublet Tablets were mainly used for entertainment, but in the future Essote intends to generate content that adds value for the customers, such as treatment instructions for the customers or similar types of content.

Hublet Solution has worked very well during the pilot period. User experience as a whole has improved due to the following features of Hublet Tablets:

  • adaptability
  • easiness to use
  • mobility
  • ability to use privately or in groups

Customers used Hublet Tablets, for example, when communicating with their home or for entertainment in the form of playing games or looking at different video streaming services.

The main advantage for Essote

The purpose of Hublet was to ease the time spent by the staff, so that customers can automatically, by utilizing wristband recognition, borrow Hublet Tablet for the time they want. With Hublet Essote saved their staff’s expensive working hours, as well as facilitated and provided additional services to their customers. Use of tablets helped to activate health care users through mental and physical training applications. In general, the joy of using digital content positively affects rehabilitation process.

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Hublet solution is extremely beneficial for hospitals and elderly care houses, among other industries. It is available in two variations: Hublet-3 and Hublet-6. This way, small, medium-sized and large institutions can choose a solution suiting their needs.