Hublet and Wecul’s partnership fulfils the digital needs of libraries in Portugal

14 Mar, 2022

From 15th March 2022, Hublet is proud to announce a new partnership with Wecul, one of the leading companies in Portugal in providing professional services in management and automation solutions for memory institutions such as Libraries, Archives and Museums.

Hublet Solution – a self-service loaning tablet solution that allows patrons to access digital content and use digital services easily and safely. Besides, it enables the library staff to organise the digital content for different user groups on the devices in a transparent and effortless way. Hublet Solution completes Wecul’s offers in providing new solutions that respond to the new needs of users for libraries in Portugal, physically and digitally.

“Hublet and Wecul have the same goal of supporting our customers in ensuring access to information, knowledge for their users, especially in the digital age”, says Jukka Salonen – Directors, Sales and Distribution of Hublet, “We believe that our collaboration with Wecul and their 20 years of experience in the market will enable excellent services to ensure our customers achieve their mission while saving their resources.”

“Through our partnership with Hublet, we are able to offer to our customers an innovative solution to push their services to digital transactions and guarantee to their community an equal access to the digital content.”says António Torres – CEO from Wecul.

About Hublet 
Hublet’s technology drives the increased adoption of digital services for organisations requiring the use of secure and loanable tablet devices. Deployed globally in 25 countries across various sectors, such as libraries, hospitals, elderly care homes, restaurants, museums and science centres, Hublet Solution is a customised learning tool, communication device and entertainment centre in one package. Through its strong return on investment case, Hublet Solution empowers the utilisation of digital content as an effortless, secure, cost-effective and reliable service delivering equal and data secure access to the digital world for everyone. For more information, visit

About Wecul
WECUL offers the experience of more than 20 years of knowledge in the implementation of integrated management and automation solutions for the Memory Institutions: Libraries, Archives and Museums. The challenge of these institutions in ensuring access to information, knowledge and culture to its users is the reason for the support we want to give them by providing services and innovative solutions that help in the best achievement of their missions. With international partners, installed solutions in thousands of institutions, an accumulation of users and professional experiences, we consolidate knowledge and best practices for better management of these collections, making use of new technologies and solutions. Looking for providing a service of excellence, based on availability, in the relationship and partnership with our customers, we want to help the Memory Institutions to better serve their communities and the empower of its users. For more information, visit