Hublet and GoesArt Announce New Partnership in Providing Innovative Solution for Elderly Care Centres in Sweden

Hublet is pleased to announce that GoesArt is the exclusive partner to promote the further usage of Hublet Solution in Sweden for elderly care centres. Hublet and GoesArt share a common goal in providing the most useful solutions to contribute a meaningful everyday life with inspiring experiences for everyone, especially, for those who are working and living in healthcare institutions.

“It is time to address the challenge of easy access information technology within the elderly care sector”, Ingela Sjöberg, Managing Director at GoesArt states.

Hublet’s self-service solution allows patients, residents and hospital visitors to borrow a tablet with automatically age-adapted applications. At the same time, it frees employees from time-consuming manual management.

Hublet Solution consists of three parts: Hublet Tablets, Hublet Smart Docking Station and Hublet Manager. It ensures the privacy of users while they access digital content through Hublet Tablet. The user data is automatically deleted when they return it to Hublet Smart Docking Station. The Fotonit self-disinfecting coating on Hublet devices’ touch surfaces ensures the protection of users from bacteria and viruses and complies with health tech hygienic standards.

“The possibility for an establishment to offer this kind of a service increases quality of life for those still able and for stimulus, information, inspiration and the possibility to maintain contact with family and friends – and at the same time being easy for staff to manage.”, adds Ingela Sjöberg.

The interest for the self-service tablet solution is great and in the near future, the first Pilot-project starts at the Tre Stiftelsers living in Gothenburg. The result will be the groundwork for future development of Hublet’s functionalities and services with the special emphasis toward the elderly care segment in Sweden.

”On Tre Stiftelser, we have decided to place the Hublet Smart Docking Station in the refurbished dinner area, that is very popular for the residents. It will be exciting to learn how the service will be received”, says Ingela Sjöberg.

Tommy Vanhapiha, Nordic Sales Manager at Hublet, looks forward to the establishment on the Swedish market:

“Hublet Solution gives access to digital content in a smooth, reliable and safe way. We believe that our partnership with GoesArt can offer unique and real value to the elderly care by enhancing wellbeing for the users and at the same time easing the burden for staff. We know that GoesArt already has a great relationship with many customers on the Swedish market and we look forward to finally be able to offer our solution to GoesArt’s customers.”

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