Finnish tablet service Hublet conquers the library world

Hublet includes an intelligent docking station, high-quality tablets (3 or 6) and a user-friendly cloud-based content management system. Hublet enables easy and efficient management of shared and secured use of tablets for various needs. In Finland, Hublet is already in use in dozens of libraries all over the country. The great experiences from the domestic library field have inspired Hublet to bring the idea of the shared use of tablets to other countries as well.

– Every library in the world has the same need: to be able to offer e-materials to their customers. The amount of the traditional magazines and books decreases, and accordingly the amount of e-material is growing rapidly. Hublet is the first company in the world to solve this problem effectively, says Katie DuPraw, Marketing Manager in P. V. Supa Inc., a reseller of Hublet in the United States. P. V. Supa is a global company that develops and sells products for the library market.

In addition to the United States, Hublet has raised a lot of interest in other countries, too. The co-operation with libraries has already started in Sweden, Norway, and Australia and there have been direct customer inquiries from several other countries. Hublet meets the global needs by negotiating new resale contracts.

The North American library market is a very attractive target for Hublet because it is vast and very advanced. The interest in Hublet is high because of its multifunctionality. Hublet has several ongoing deliveries and the amount of contracts is constantly growing.

Compared to the competitors the undisputed advantages of Hublet are the easiness for the library staff to manage the tablets and adjust their content to meet the needs of different user groups, together with the beautiful and practical design of the product.

Along with libraries, there are several possibilities to use Hublet in both the public and private field. With loanable tables, the numerous digital materials and services are easily available for users of any age. Hublet serves as a tool to make the digital content visible.

More information:

Sirpa Manner, Business Director
Tel. +358 400 615 640

Hublet is a Finnish startup company located in Helsinki, Finland, that offers a complete solution for tablet loans in public use. Hublet includes the tablets, a docking station and a cloud-based management system with which the content of the tablets can be tailored for the different user groups’ needs. For Hublet the main customers are libraries, restaurants and the public organizations like daycare and senior citizen care centers. Hublet was established in 2014.