Families with children are happy customers of Chico’s restaurant

In the Chico’s restaurant in Vuosaari, Helsinki, Hublet has been used since 2017. We asked Restaurant Manager Jani Vallineva about his experiences with Hublet in a restaurant environment.

Jani Vallineva says that before the Hublets, the restaurant had a play area for children. This brought various challenges: toys were stolen and the kids ran from table to the play area and back. In addition, the families wanted to be seated only at tables with a view to the play area. Children’s play areas are known to have bacterial and they are places where seasonal epidemics are transferred. This naturally posed a challenge to the restaurant. “When the Hublet dock arrived, the restaurant’s play area was completely removed.  The tablets completely replaced the play area as a children’s entertainment.” he says.

What’s the best in Hublet?

Jani Vallineva sees that the best thing about Hublet is that  the kids sit quietly at the table with their family while waiting for the food to be served. “Hublet is an easy solution for our staff as the independent device does not add to the workload.  “This enables the staff to focus on their work”, Vallineva says.

What do Chico’s customers like about Hublets?

“Kids love these! Even parents have been enthusiastic about our restaurant offering such a solution to our customers. We also have regular customers who automatically request for a Hublet” the restaurant manager says and adds that he recommends Hublets to all family restaurants and restaurant operators with lots of families as their customers. “Hublet is an excellent device for children’s entertainment in restaurants.”