Digital content accessible to everyone

Hublet Tablets is a Finnish innovation that promotes learning and sharing information safely in different environments. Hublets are already available in 14 countries around the world. They can be found in libraries, hospitals, senior homes, restaurants and science centers.

Regardless of the user group, customer satisfaction is really high

”Hublet brings digital content equally to people. Sharing economy is a natural and ecological part of today’s society, and our solution can also save valuable working time”, – says Hublet CEO Sirpa Manner.

Easily customize content

Cloud-based Hublet Manager -management software makes it easy to customize and distribute content on a client or group basis. In the libraries, Hublets provide media education for schoolchildren and digital training for seniors. But for what other purposes does it fit?

”At Heureka, Hublets are used in children’s science camps for measurements and robot driving. In senior homes /elderly care homes, appropriate content activates memory, which brings joy to people with memory disabilities for example.” – says Marketing Manager Milla Kalliokoski.

In hospitals, Hublets provide information and rehabilitation advice to patients, but they also read magazines, watch movies, listen to music, and stay in touch with loved ones. Hublets already exist in several hospital districts.

”Every organization with which we have conducted a pilot experiment has chosen Hublets for permanent use. And regardless of the user group, customer satisfaction is really high”, – Manner says.

Security, updates and maintenance are included

Hublet can be accessed with a library card, patient wristband or PIN. When you return the device to the Hublet Smart Docking Station, all user data will be erased. ”Hublet integrates management and security into one cost-effective solution on a self-service basis. Updates and downloads are done automatically, so the Hublet is worry-free”, – Kalliokoski sums it up.

Link to in Finnish story. 
Kauppalehti, Kehittyvät kaupungit -liite (18.3.2020).