• Easy-to-use and agile communication channel for manufacturing environments
  • Blue-collar workers that do not have a laptop at work
  • Perfect for staff training and use by temporary workforce
  • Tablets can be used to take care of other work-related errands such as hourly reporting or reading the intranet
  • On breaks, the employees can read the day’s newspaper or run errands of their own 

How do you communicate with your blue-collar workforce?

Hublet is a portable information system for your production workers. You can inform them about the business, give them access to intranet material and communicate work flow instructions.

Place Hublet in your canteen

  • You want to keep your employees committed by sharing important matters about the company. You may want them to read intranet content such as available jobs or company news.
Training and electronic HR systems
  • HR systems are digital and the employees are required to maintain their own employment related data. If not today then certainly soon. Hublet tablet is their access to HR systems. Hourly reporting, holiday applications and other information. A lot of training is delivered thru digital channels: video tutorials and compliance training programs done whenever the employee has a suitable time slot for that.
Workflow management
  • Hublet is suitable for enterprise production management solution. With a tablet the workers can access installation guides, exploded views on products and report completed work phases. The tablets are located in a place where they are easily accessible and are given out against an authentication with the company ID badge (bar code or RFID). Depending on your ERP system the tablet solution can be used on a general level or with personalized work instructions. Managing the tablet contents is easy with Hublet Manager.
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