Healthcare and senior citizen centers

  • Information related to the care and procedures for patients
  • Adding and viewing personal data
  • Versatile entertainment for waiting rooms and ward
  • Tool for memory activation and rehabilitation in caretaking services and senior citizens
  • Staff tool for bedside reporting, ERP and other services 

Let technology help

Technology makes the hospital visit run smoother in many ways. Hublet is a convenient way of providing patient with useful information and entertainment in health care facilities while improving the efficiency of operations with a common information system.

Entertainment and communication

  • The tablet can be used for reading and casual browsing to pass the time, which improves the patient experience in while waiting for the procedure. If quality assurance, registration and follow up features can be introduced, the technology serves its purpose even better making the whole process go smoothly. The patient can be given the opportunity to read up on upcoming procedures, which decreases the stress related to them. Patients can also be given the information on rehabilitation and recovery exercises in the hospital, and they can be shared for home use through cloud services.
  • Tablets work great in caretaking services as tools for memory activation and rehabilitation. In assisted living services, our easy-to-use tablets are suited to be used by the elderly themselves or in guided group activities organized by the staff. There is plenty of content to choose from: content for purely medical purposes as well as entertainment related apps for senior citizens are a globally growing trend. Hublet tablets can also be used to help the patients keep in touch with their families via video calls or photo sharing services.
Always up-to-date
  • Centralized management system makes Hublet a practical solution: IT staff is not needed and the personnel can easily manage the content and loaning of the tablets. Physical and digital security and privacy are taken care of by the inbuilt features of Hublet platform.
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