Hublet-3 includes three high-quality Hublet Tablets, Hublet Smart Docking Station and Hublet Manager -management software.

Hublet Smart Docking Station

  • Hublet-3 includes intuitive touch screen
  • User data is automatically wiped when the tablet is returned to Hublet Smart Docking Station
  • Offers Hublet Tablet that has most charged battery for the next user 
  • Automatically charges each Hublet Tablet
  • Connects either to LAN or WiFi network
  • Available with a stand-alone or on a table and wall-mounted bracket
Hublet Smart Docking Station keeps Hublet Tablets always locked, charged and organized in one place. User identification is possible via RFID reader, for example, in health tech segment (hospitals & elderly care houses), QR-code reader or PIN code in libraries and other segments. 

Hublet Tablets

Hublet Tablet Sharing Digital World
  • Samsung 10.5” Hublet Tablets
  • Ergonomic and protective covers
  • Customized and controlled desktop views with pre-defined applications, files and weblinks
  • End users are not able to install applications or change the settings
  • Automatically updated only when they are docked - no additional interference is required
  • Automatically charged and reset when returned to Hublet Smart Docking Station
  • Opportunity to use own wired headphones
  • Work in pre-defined networks only
  • May be provided with anti-bacterial protective screen cover for hospitals
Hublet Tablets enable access to pre-defined digital content and e-materials, which reduces the need for handling printed copies. The mobility of Hublet Tablets allows users to engage with them at their favourite spot within the institution. In addition, Hublet Tablets can also be used an employees’ working tool and ease their daily tasks.

Hublet Manager

Hublet Solution
  • Cloud-based management software
  • Browser interface for managing content and overall solutions
  • Statistics & reporting
  • Content management
  • User profile and desktop view management
  • Device management
  • Possibility to create own Hublet PIN codes
  • Back-office integration (SIP2, WebService, RestAPI)
Hublet Manager organizes the digital content on the devices in a transparent and easy way. It allows to remotely manage unlimited number of units from any location at the same time. 
Hublet Solution is currently available in 400 institutions across 14 different countries worldwide. It is in use in various industries, including libraries, healthcare and senior citizen centers, educational establishments, museums, hotels and restaurants.