Hublet Solution enables access to digital content in a structured, secure and efficient way  

The easiest way to maintain and manage tablets in a shared use environment

The unique Hublet platform combines easy management with special features for public use. Our all-in-one system includes a smart charging dock, durable high-quality tablets and an intuitive cloud-based management tool.  

Tablets have traditionally been seen as personal devices but we have switched the angle. Everything is designed to answer the needs of public and shared use of tablet devices. Hublet is essentially a platform for bringing digital content to your physical location. More core experience in education, libraries, museums, restaurants and other environments. 

Hublet takes care of the technology on your behalf

With Hublet Tablet you provide selected content in your own location. Hublet contains the Hublet Tablets, Hublet Smart Docking Station and  Hublet Manager. 
Always ready
Hublet takes care of charging and updates automatically
All user data and history will be deleted when the tablet is returned to the station 
Hublet can be located in any environment. 
With Hublet software you can manage the devices and content from anywhere. 
You can create different user profiles for different user groups. 
Locked docking station. Pre-defined networks only. User authentication if needed. 

Hublet Smart
DockINg Station

  Hublet Smart Docking Station automatically charges and updates Hublet Tablets. It knows how many Hublet Tablets are on loan and which available Hublet Tablets have enough battery power for the next user.

Hublet Tablets

Hublet Smart Docking Station contains 3 or 6 Hublet Tablets. The current version is Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5”, which is reliable and convenient to use. Android software with Hublet functionality and the tablet covers makes the Tab A’s perfect for shared use.

Hublet Manager

All service components are managed with the cloud-based management tool, Hublet Manager. It is an intuitive tool that let’s you manage the content in the tablets, user profiles and loan specifications. It gives you the usage statistics for your Hublet Tablets too.


Hublet comes with the top frame or without it. In the picture you can see the differences between the models. Top frame gives protection to the tablets when they are in the docking station. The other model is suitable for places where you want an even smaller docking station.

Both versions can be mounted on a stand or in the wall. As an option you can get a barcode reader or a RFID-reader to either version.

Strategic measurements:
Top frame, on a stand: height 126 cm, width 59 cm, depth 36 cm
Without the top frame, on a stand: height 95 cm, width 59 cm, depth 36 cm